Taste the characteristic features and the pure flavour of the Frisian countryside. Homegrown (fan eigen grûn) products are preferred. In addition to the love for the profession, you can taste the difference. Whether you like sweet, savoury, or anything else, there are countless delicious Frisian local products where you can feast on. Ask for delicious sweet treats such as oranjekoek, dúmkes, or sûkerbôle at the local bakery. Also try the Frisian clove and sheep cheese from the regional farmer. Nowadays, you can even find milk tap systems at farmers for tapping of your own glass of milk. If you prefer tapping a Frisian beer, the beer brewery in Bolsward is the place to be. In addition to a strong whiskey, you can find a real Beerenburg distillery in Bolsward and Sneek.

But besides the delicious local products, Friesland has more to offer on a culinary level. Discover high-quality star restaurants, organic hotspots, and innovative pubs.