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The unique location of Woudsend in between two lakes also really makes it a water sports village! The name of the village derives from the word "Driuwpôlle", which stands for floating island. The village is located in Zuidwest Friesland and situated along the route of the Elfstedentocht. The village is a conservation area in Friesland and is certainly worth a visit.

Events and activities
To get a good impression of the village, we recommend you to make the village walk through Woudsend. The beautiful book with full directions, photos, and an explanation of all special buildings can be ordered through the tourist office web-shop.

Since 1986, the Frisian Sleepbootdagen (Tugboat days) have been organised in Woudsend. Once every two years about 60 tugs come to Woudsend. One of the most important events of these days is the appointment of the tugboat captain, the honorary citizenship of Woudsend. During these days, there is plenty to do in Woudsend; in addition to the recurring fair, the organisation puts together an original programme every time.

The Wâldseiner Wykein (Weekend of Woudsend) is a weekend of conviviality and lots of fun. Each year in June, all kinds of activities take place that are suitable for all ages. A comprehensive programme, which allows all Woudsenders to enjoy this three-day event. For more information and the programme, visit the website www.waldseinerwykein.nl.

Interesting facts
The iconic buildings of Woudsend are its mills and churches. Along the 'Molenstrjitte', the mill information centre can be found. Next to this information centre, the oldest flour mill of Friesland, "Het Lam", is situated, where corn and grain are still ground into flour products and bread mixes according to traditional methods. The mill is presumably constructed at the end of the 17th century.

The second mill of Woudsend is located on a prominent location, at the 'Ald Wyk' along the water of the Ee. Sawmill "De Jager" is a typical Frisian mill with an eight-sided wooden smock on a square base. It is believed that this mill was built in 1719.

The Roman Catholic conventicle of St. Michael in Woudsend is known for its beautiful interior and is supposedly built in 1792. This church, one of the four churches in the village, is located between the Midstrjitte and the Merkstrjitte.

In addition to the development in the field of water sports, Woudsend has managed to preserve the charm of earlier times. The many restored buildings, narrow streets with surprising vistas, the shopping district, and restaurants invite you to a pleasant and surprising exploration through the old trading village. The restored buildings of the merchants from Woudsend are reminiscent of a rich past, in which this village traded with the Dutch and German Hanseatic cities. Many charming shops are located in these historic buildings.