Workum is one of the most beautiful of the eleven Frisian cities. Just because of the beautiful facades and monumental buildings and the watery environment. Situated on the former Zuiderzee and adjacent to the Frisian Lakes, Workum was an important trading town for the region. Characteristic for the historic Workum are the shipbuilding, fisheries, and trade and industry. The pottery is also well-known: once upon a time Workum had various potteries. Many of these bygone days can still be found in Workum. From the lock and shipyard in the south up to the monumental Waag (Weighhouse), the Gertrude church in the centre, and the Werenfridus church in the North. Apart from these 'big' attractions, the many galleries and museums are also certainly worth a visit. The art of pottery can still be admired in various galleries.

Events and activities
Workum has plenty to offer for everyone: from Jopie Huisman to pleasant terraces and from gildebaren (biers for guild members) to nature's values. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings of the scrap and lamp merchant Jopie Huisman, but there is also a museum that tells the rich history of Workum. A walk through the historic city centre is an attraction in itself; the many beautiful monuments and facades stand in rows next to each other. Furthermore, the nature surrounding the town is definitely worth it. You can take beautiful nature walks and bike rides along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast or through the small villages and hamlets in the area. Workum is among the best kite spots of Friesland. Here the conditions are ideal and there is no lack of kite schools. Windsurfers and other water sports enthusiasts can also have a lot of fun in Workum. 

Interesting facts
The British artist Cornelia Parker used the heraldic lions of Workum, which carry the city coat of arms for centuries, as the main characters in her work for the project 11Fountains. She freed the animals from the arms and made them more than life-size. The empty space between the two is filled by water that they spurt to each other out of their legs. A local artist cut the lions out of Accoya wood, and three companies from Workum worked them. The artwork was created for the 11Fountains project, for which artists designed a permanent monument for each of the eleven Frisian cities as part of Leeuwarden-Fryslân Cultural capital of Europe 2018.