The 'island in the Frisian Lakes': Terherne. This village has emerged in the land reclamations and allotments in the 12th and 13th century on the eastern corner of the Sneekermeer. Situated on an island between the Terhornstermeer and the Terhornster-and Terkaplester Pools, this village was and is especially popular for its location in the water. The village used to be a wealthy place to live, because of shipping, fisheries, and shipbuilding, but it is nowadays also a pleasant place for lovers of the watery area. Until 1857, Terhorne was a true island, until a gravel road was built to Meskenwier and Akkrum. Terherne, Terhorne in Dutch, is located in in the municipality of the Fryske Marren.

Events and activities
This island is, of course, best known as the Kameleondorp; home to the naughty twins Hielke and Sietse. Especially in summer, it bustles with activities and tourists know how to find their way to Terherne. Are you going by boat to Kameleoneiland or do you prefer a drink? Sloop sailing, cycling, and hiking are also favourite pastimes. The harbour has characteristic harbour houses where you can spend the night. In winter, you visit this village to linger at the dinner table, to sleep in, or to walk in the beautiful surroundings. With a bit of luck, you can also put your skates on.

Interesting facts

Which village has fewer than 1,000 permanent inhabitants, but up to six times as much in the summer? Exactly, Terherne! Due to the many tourists who stay in recreational homes, the village is bursting at the seams in the summer. Did you know that this Frisian village is also popular among business people? Combining a quiet meeting room and a team outing on the water, creates a lively corporate culture.