Water sports city

Sneek and the water belong together
Sneek is centrally located in the lake district of the province Fryslân. In the centre, there are many mooring possibilities, which are equipped with water and electricity facilities. You will find bathroom facilities for the tourist, all close to the mooring sites. Sneek is the starting point of wonderful sailing routes. For suggestions, you can contact the tourist office for expert advice. You can also take sailing lessons or rent a motor boat, sail boat, or sloop in Sneek.

Sneek is the water sports centre of Waterland of Friesland and famous for its Sneek week in the first week of August. This largest sailing event on inland waterway in Europe traditionally starts with the naval parade on Friday night. All participating sailing classes introduce themselves to the audience. The Sneek week is a must for the true sailing fan, but also for people who are looking for a fun and conviviality. In short, it is one large party with many terraces, music, and a funfair!

Welcome in Sneek for water tourists

The municipality issues a 'Welcome to Sneek’ brochure for the water tourists, in which information and place designations are given about, amongst other things, berths in Sneek, wast water disposal, water and fuel tank facilities, shore power, and sanitation.

Sailing in and around Sneek? You can use free wireless internet!
Water tourism around Sneek is even more attractive because the municipality offers on and along the canals (vaaras Houkesleat – Geau) a free wireless internet network.

Via www.draadloossneek.nl, tourists have free internet access while sailing or at their berth. Within the historic city canals, various hotspots have been installed that provide internet access to the most important waterway in the city. Fun and convenient, because who logs in, receives via the new tourist website 'Sneek is more' all kinds of information about sights, museums, shopping, and restaurants and about cycling and the events that are taking place in Sneek at the moment.

Electric charging stations
As part of the Frisian Lakes project, Sneek - in collaboration with the province of Fryslân - has worked on the theme of electric sailing. The current shore power facilities have been upgraded to 16 amps, where boats and small vessels can easily charge their batteries. For the luxury segment, the well-equipped cruisers, three additional charging stations are realised in the Kolk, Houkesloot, and the Domp.