Day out in Sneek
You can experience a day in Sneek in various ways. Through a city walk, through a city tour, or by bike. There is plenty to do in Sneek for young and old. A day trip to Sneek or on holiday in Sneek? How about a visit to historic buildings, enjoying nature in one of the beautiful parks, or experiencing culture at one of the historic buildings and/or monuments that Sneek has? You can find several companies that offer diverse arrangements for various target groups, which can sometimes be combined with overnight stays.

Entertainment centre Waterland of Friesland
As entertainment centre, Sneek has a large number of restaurants, cafes, pubs, and nightclubs. In the summer, it is also a good idea to sojourn on the many terraces of Sneek. Sneek, fully in action! Sneek has various events for all ages all year round, such as the Sneek week, eleven-city bouncing castles, little Sneek week party evening, the entry of St Nicholas, Sneeker Dweildag, Lekker Sneek, Swinging Sneek, tourist fairs, etcetera.

Sneek is the place to be for fun shopping
Shopping in Sneek is a fun activity. It is always pleasantly busy. Due to its facilities, the city has been attracting residents from the region and the thousands of tourists who visit every year. Sneek has also been selected as best shopping city above the big rivers. The centre of Sneek is easily accessible by road, waterways, and public transport. Fun shopping is the most favourite leisure activity in the Netherlands, and Sneek is therefore the place to be as it offers many varied shops.

Staying the night
You can stay overnight in various ways in Sneek. Sneek has several fine hotels, guest houses, and group accommodations. The sailing school or campsites also belong to the possibilities.