Guided walk in Lemmer

Why is one and the same harbour first called outer harbour and then inner harbour? Why did the cellars underneath four adjacent houses form one continuous space? And why is there a Stationsweg in Lemmer, while there never was a train in Lemmer? 

The town next to the former Zuiderzee, where the Zijlroede and Rien coalesced, was attractive for merchants to settle themselves. The 'Vlecke' Lemmer grew into a seaport, partly thanks to the flourishing Baltic trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later, many cargo ships performed scheduled services between Amsterdam and Lemmer. 

The walk leads along some of the merchant houses that were built in that period.
Besides the monuments, attention is also paid to the thriving fishery past of Lemmer. You will walk through streets whose name or the names of the houses and buildings indicate a clear link with fishing. In any case, the guide will make this interesting connection clear to you. 

To live and work in such a water-rich environment means of course that the water first must be 'governed', in order to be able to live of it afterwards. It has always been that way. You will be guided along some examples such as the Lemstersluis. The lock site with the tied houses and the two striking buildings on the lock bay are built under architecture in 1888, and the whole lock complex is now on the list of national monuments. By the way, the lock is not only popular among monument lovers. In the summer months, tourists as well as Lemsters stand ashore as 'the best navigators', at one of both lock quays.  

Would you like to know more about Lemmer and get answers to the three questions at the top? You can get information and/or make reservations for this guided walk at tourist office Lemmer, tel. 0031 514 534550. It is of course also possible to send an e-mail. 
The costs of this guided walk, for groups starting at 4 people, amount to €4,00 per person. The walk can be done on all days throughout the year and can also be provided in German or in English, if so desired.