Eat, drink & enjoy yourself

If you leave from Lemmer with hungry or thirsty, then you haven’t looked around properly or you granted yourself too little time. The many restaurants in the centre often have a terrace on the main waterway Het Dock. From the large terrace of Beach Club Lemmer, you have a beautiful view over the Lemsterbaai (IJsselmeer). It is not strange that these terraces are often well occupied, because nowhere else is it as relaxed as here. You forget the time when you're with your partner, friends, or family and another drink, to enjoy afterwards.. Well, whatever it is that you enjoy; fish, pasta, mussels, or making your children happy with fries and a croquette. And, of course, they also direct you to an ice cream parlour. Here you can put together the most delicious ice cream. Yum, this is something you won’t be able to ignore. The restaurants in Lemmer, whether you wish to dine inside or on the terrace, teach you to take all the time you need. This is why so many customers like to come back again.