Langweer is a picturesque village with a rich history that goes far back. Sometime in the 12th century, this village, at that time called Languerre, arose on a sandy ridge between the bogs. For centuries it was only accessible through the water, until the first connection with the mainland was realised in 1856. Via the Br├ędyk in direction of Sint Nicolaasga, one could now reach the outside world through the Lang. Around 1600, this watery village developed into a market and harbour place, as the shipping was an important source of income. The typical village is characterised by the lime trees in the village centre, the surprising alleys, and the beautiful facades. It is nowadays a popular place among water sports enthusiasts for its spacious marinas, shops, and restaurants, but quiet returns in the winter months.

Events and activities
Experience the atmosphere of Langweer by going straight onto the water for a beautiful sailing trip. Make trips by boat to Sneek, Heeg, Sloten, and Lemmer or try an activity such as Fierljeppen or Sk├╗tsjesilen. In October, you can have a look at the professional sloeproeien (sloop rowing), visit the sailing competition on the Langweerder Wielen, or go on an interactive expedition through the use of iBeacons. The picturesque appearance of this Frisian village certainly makes it worth to spend a day on the 'Langweerder Loopje' or a walking or cycling route in the beautiful surroundings.

Interesting facts
Langweer is one of the protected rural areas within municipality de Fryske Marren which hosts a number of valuable national monuments. The village has just over 1,000 inhabitants who ensure that the historical core of their 'Langwar' remains intact. It is centrally located between Sint Nicolaasga, Boornzwaag, and Idskenhuizen.