This city is located on the IJsselmeer and therefore offers many opportunities for water sports. With about 900 inhabitants, Hindeloopen is one of Friesland’s smaller cities. Do you find it difficult to understand Frisian? In Hindeloopen, the inhabitants have a deviating accent: Hindeloopers. This dialect retains the medieval vowels, which results in a very distinctive sound.

Events and activities
Every year the Open Frisian Skûtsjesilen Championships (IFKS) take place off the coast of Hindeloopen. Dozens of authentic skûtsjes moor in the former trading city’s old harbour and wait in anticipation of the opening match on the IJsselmeer. The matches are easy to follow from the dike and the water. Every autumn, the Hylper Hurdsilerij takes place off the coast of Hindeloopen. This is a sailing race for traditional Lemster barges.

Interesting Facts
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the biggest part of the male Hindelooper population was involved in trading and maritime transport to Scandinavia and Russia. Partly due to the ties with the metropolis Amsterdam, Hindeloopen flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries. The city had a large fleet of over 100 ships that sailed the world's oceans and had around 2,300 inhabitants in its heyday.

The city consists of many beautiful buildings and places of interest. In earlier years Hindeloopen had its own traditional dress. Hindelooper traditional costumes and typical paintings make the town known worldwide. Wooden bridges and characteristic facades create a picturesque image. Don't miss the Frisian skating museum, which holds the largest collection of skates in the world and tells the history of the Elfstedentocht.