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This Frisian village is also called the eldorado for water sports lovers. Heeg is situated next to the Heegermeer and connected to all waterways in Friesland. As such, the village is very centrally located and has something to offer for every lover of the lakes. The village has several marinas and dockyards, rental companies, and excellent water sports facilities. The hospitality industry is well represented, because especially in the summer months the waterfront terraces are busy.

Events and activities
Not only the water sports enthusiasts but also the landlubbers and cyclists come into their own here. Heeg is a good starting point for campers and tourists for a voyage of discovery through the Waterland of Friesland. In the open and flat landscape, you can already see from afar the rustic villages with their often centuries-old church towers. The nice terraces in the village centre provide extra cosiness. In the bustling Heeg, large and small events are regularly organized. The Heechspanning festival on Ascension Day is a well-known event. The Opening of the Water Sports Season with a fair, the Dekdweil Festival, and the Heechsimmerfestival are also worth a visit. 

Interesting facts
Heeg derives its history largely from the eel fishery. In the Harinxmastrjitte, you can observe this history in the beautiful facades and centuries-old buildings. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the eel was an export product that was even sold to London. Until 1938, the eel fishermen from this Frisian village had their own berth on the Thames. The eel was and is the logo for the fishery of earlier times, as the fish even is depicted in the weapon. In 2009, the Kornelis Ykes II, the authentic eel barge that sailed from Heeg to London, has been reconstructed.