All you need to know about your visit and the coronavirus

Please keep in mind
Are you in or are you planning a visit to Waterland van Friesland? You’ll be made very welcome in our beautiful region. The measures taken to combat the coronavirus may affect your stay. We’ve therefore gathered all the information and guidelines for you, so that you can enjoy Southwest Friesland as safely as possible.

General measures
For all the general measures concerning the coronavirus, please check the Dutch government website. We’d also request that you avoid any busy places, that you stay at home if you have a cold or are feeling unwell, and that you keep a 1.5 m distance to anyone who is not part of your household.

Campsites and holiday parks
You are welcome at campsites and holiday parks.

  • As of 1 July, showers and toilets in shared sanitary facilities will be open again.
  • Some campsites also have day recreation facilities. These campsites are permitted to open their toilet facilities in the daytime.
  • Will you be visiting a campsite or holiday park before 1 July? It is possible to make use of the toilets and showers, if you are allocated private toilet and/or shower facilities per household. Alternatively, ensure your caravan, camper van or rented accommodation has its own sanitary facilities.

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Hotels are open to guests and the hotel restaurant may be used by hotel guests and other guests (though with the necessary precautions).

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Bed & breakfasts
Bed & breakfasts are open to guests. Breakfast is often served in your room.

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Group accommodation
Group accommodation locations are also open to guests.

  • Group accommodation may be booked by housemates (shared residential address) or families.
  • People from several households may stay the night, as long as there are separate sanitary facilities per household.
  • If the group accommodation has sanitary facilities for every household, people from various households may stay there at the same time.
  • However, these people must be able to observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule in the communal areas. 
  • As of 1 July, the shared sanitary facilities (if present) will reopen at group accommodation locations

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Water sports
In Waterland van Friesland, you can enjoy a holiday on your boat, take a day trip or rent a boat. There are plenty of options for renting a boat while keeping a social distance. Alongside the general guidelines, please take account of the following:

  • Bridges and sluice gates are operating normally according to the summer schedule. Click here for the latest opening times.
  • The Marrekite ‘free’ moorings found throughout the region are available for use. Click on this map to find them. 
  • Facilities such as water and electricity in our municipal harbours will be open from 20 May.
  • The sanitary facilities in our marinas are open for day visitors. As of 1 July, the sanitary facilities will be fully open again.
  • Will you be heading for the water before 1 July? Please make sure you have your own facilities on board whenever possible.

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Sailing camp
Children's sailing cmaps are open again as of 1 July.

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Why not visit one of our many museums or visitor centres in Waterland van Friesland?

  • As of 1 June, museums, theatres and cinemas will be open again.
  • Buy or book your tickets beforehand by arranging this online, calling or emailing. In the near future, tickets will be available online through the VVV Waterland van Friesland website.
  • Theatres and cinemas can welcome a maximum of 30 visitors, who must observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • As of 1 July, venues can welcome a maximum of 100 visitors, as long as 1.5 m social distancing is possible.
  • The fountains in the eleven famous Frisian cities, the so-called 11fountains, can be admired daily during the summer months.

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Food and drinks
Enjoy delicious food and drinks at your holiday address by having the food delivered, by cooking your own meals or, in the near future, at a pavement café.

  • Supermarkets and specialty stores are open.
  • As of 1 June, restaurants, cafés and bars will open for a maximum of 30 people (excluding personnel) who must observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • Make your booking beforehand by arranging this online, calling or emailing.
  • As of 1 June, pavement cafés will be open, observing the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • As of 1 July, the maximum number of visitors will be increased to 100.

Cycling and rambling

  • Hundreds of cycling and rambling routes await you if you observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • The dedicated cycling and rambling ferry boats will run again from 20 May.
  • Toilets are open for cyclists and ramblers.
  • Places to rest are open for a cup of coffee. They are allowed to open their toilets to cyclists and ramblers.

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Events will not take place until at least 1 September, though there is still plenty to discover in Waterland van Friesland, even without events.

Other recreational options

  • Our beaches, Frisian lakes, parks and woodlands are open to visitors.
  • The toilets are open for day visitors.
  • Swimming pools can open from 11 May.
  • Indoor play areas and theme parks may open once they have drawn up a suitable protocol. We suggest you check the current situation of each individual indoor play area or theme park.

Public transport
Public transport should only be used for essential travel. As of 1 June, all passengers on public transport must wear non-medical masks, as it is very difficult to observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.

We hope this information will help you plan your visit to Waterland van Friesland. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

This information and the guidelines were drawn up on 29 May 2020 and will be updated by us weekly. No rights may be derived from this information.