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All you need to know about your visit and the coronavirus

Please keep in mind
Are you in or are you planning a visit to Waterland van Friesland? You’ll be made very welcome in our beautiful region. The measures taken to combat the coronavirus may affect your stay. We’ve therefore gathered all the information and guidelines for you, so that you can enjoy Southwest Friesland as safely as possible.

General measures
For all the general measures concerning the coronavirus, please check the Dutch government website. We’d also request that you avoid any busy places, that you stay at home if you have a cold or are feeling unwell, and that you keep a 1.5 m distance to anyone who is not part of your household.

As of 1 December, everyone aged 13 and over must wear a face mask in settings in which they are mandatory: Indoor public spaces, Public transport and Aircraft, contact-based professions (for both the service provider and the custome).

Holiday parks and campsites
You are welcome at holiday parks and some campsites. 

Check out all our campsites and holiday parks here

Hotels are open to guests. Restaurants in hotels are also open, but there are still various limitations. Reservation is required. Restaurants and cafes are allowed to open between 06:00 and 22:00.

Check out all our hotels here

Bed & breakfasts
Bed & breakfasts are open to guests. 

Check out all our bed & breakfasts here

Group accommodation
Group accommodation locations are also open to guests.

  • Group accommodation may be booked by housemates (shared residential address) or families.
  • People from different households can also stay overnight. This is allowed in a group of 4 people who do not live together at the same address. Children up to and including 12 years are not included. For example, you may be at a holiday address with 4 adults who live at a different address and 2 children aged 8 years. 

Check out all group accommodation here


Why not visit one of our many museums or visitor centres in Waterland van Friesland?

  • Museums, theatres and cinemas are open again.
  • Buy or book your tickets beforehand by arranging this online, calling or emailing. 
  • Reservations, registration and health check are required.
  • Groups of up to 4 visitors are allowed. This does not apply to children up to the age of 12 and persons who live at the same address. .
  • You are strongly advised to wear a non-medical face mask. This can be taken off when someone is sitting
  • Guests must always keep a distance of 1.5 metres, unless they are part of a shared household.
  • The fountains in the eleven famous Frisian cities, the so-called 11fountains, can be admired daily during the summer months.

Food and drinks

Restaurants and cafes are allowed to open between 06:00 and 22:00. View all restaurants en cafes here.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed per table. Children up to the age of 12 do not count. Persons from 1 household (same address) may sit at the table with more people.
  • Reservation is required and a health check is mandatory.
  • ​Visitors are asked to register and a fixed seat is required.

Enjoy delicious food and drinks at your holiday address by having food delivered or picking up.

Cycling and rambling

  • Hundreds of cycling and rambling routes await you if you observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • Toilets are open for cyclists and ramblers.
  • Places to rest are open for a cup of coffee. They are allowed to open their toilets to cyclists and ramblers.

Check out the cycling and rambling routes here


Most events will be forbidden. Local authorities are free to determine whether events can be organised within the set conditions. Many events will therefore not take place. 

Other recreational options

  • Our beaches, Frisian lakes, parks and woodlands are open to visitors. The corona measures also apply when out enjoying the countryside. ​
  • Swimming pools are open. A reservation is required.
  • Amusement parks, outdoor attractions and indoor playgrounds are open, but you need to make a reservation.

Public transport

  • All seats are available.
  • A on-medical face mask must be worn, as it is very difficult to observe the 1.5 m social distancing rule.
  • Only for necessary travel

We hope this information will help you plan your visit to Waterland van Friesland. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

This information and the guidelines were edited on 7 June 2021 and will be updated by us regularly. No rights may be derived from this information.