Always a suitable gift!

The VVV gift card. On sale at the tourist offices.

The VVV gift card is new card with which you are welcome from shops to web. This new card has more to offer. It offers more freedom, more comfort and more options, because you can spend it at shops and at web shops.

Thus, the VVV gift card suits all tastes. For an extra celebratory touch, you can choose from a variety of gift packaging and envelopes.


VVV Lekkerweg (Nicely away)

• Available in an amount of €5,- to €150,-
• Choose from over 2,500 accommodations 
• Choose the value yourself
• Valid for 5 years


VVV Dinner cheque

• VVV Dinner cheque, the most delicious gift card
• Valid at more than 2,200 restaurants
• Available from €5
• Valid for 5 years after purchase gift card

• You can choose the value, from €5 to €150
• It offers a choice from 11 million articles


Boekenbon (Book token)

• Redeemable at more than 1,500 chain stores, bookstores, and web shops
• Upgradable with any amount between €10 and €150
• Valid for 3 years


Nationale Bioscoopbon (National film gift voucher)

• Valid in over 150 cinemas and film theatres in the Netherlands
• Redeemable for any film, on any day
• Possible to spend at once or in parts at the cinema


Podium Cadeaukaart (Stage Gift card)

• With the card tickets for all types of performances are purchasable
• Upgradable with any amount between €10 and €150