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| Redactie VVV Waterland van Friesland

In Waterland van Friesland you can enjoy 'koese', the Frisian word for sleep. Because one day in Waterland van Friesland is sometimes not enough

  • Attema-Sate in Gaastmeer

    Head-neck-hull farm Attema-Sate, a national monument from 1770, is located on the water, where the road ends. You can now stay as a guest for a while under the beams where the cows used to be. The atmosphere is cool and pure. You sleep in a "fair-keamer", as the farmhand used to sleep, in a small room of planks above the stable. You can also opt for the box bed.

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    Attema-Sate in Gaastmeer
  • Staying on the Frisian lakes

    The Rent to ENJOY accommodations are located in or near the water. Take a dip in the morning from your own terrace, drink coffee on your private deck, enjoy the beautiful view and drink in the evening sun. The accommodations are all comfortable, luxurious and attractively furnished and therefore perfect for a wonderful holiday on the Frisian lakes.

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    Staying on the Frisian lakes

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