Sport fishing in Friesland
In Fryslân, approximately 31,000 sport anglers have joined the 33 angling associations. Sport fishing Fryslân is the umbrella organisation which deals with representation of the member’s interests, but especially with the development of sport fishing in Fryslân. In this beautiful wetland area, there are plenty possibilities and opportunities. It is estimated that annually 100,000 people from the Netherlands and abroad fish here.

The fishing permit and regulations:
On 1 January 2007, the VISpas (fishing permit), in handy credit card size, replaced the well-known sport fishing license. With this VISpas, you can go fishing in all waters that are included in the corresponding lists of fishing waters. Together with your VISpas or Small VISpas, your list of fishing waters forms the written consent to fish somewhere. In the lists of fishing waters, waters are included where you may fish with the relevant document. We distinguish the two following types of lists with fishing waters:

  • National list of fishing waters, part of the VISpas.
  • Small list of fishing waters, belonging to the Small VISpas.

Where am I allowed to fish?
With the VISpas and accompanying lists of fishing waters, you are allowed to fish in all waters in these lists.

  • You may fish with two rods and all authorised baits.
  • You have one pass as proof that you are a member of your association, the federation, and Sport fishing Netherlands - this saves a lot of paper work.
  • You are pitching in for a good supervision, fish stock management, and the organisation of competitions.
  • You are a member of Sport fishing Netherlands and thus contribute to the interest of the Dutch sport angler so that you can continue fishing in the long run.

Are you on holiday in Fryslân and want to fish quickly?
If you only want to go sport fishing during short period, for example because you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Fryslân, you can purchase a one-week permit. You can purchase this week permit, which offers you the same opportunities as the VISpas, at the tourist information offices and the sport fishing shops in Fryslân.